Just for Today One Year Email Series

With this email series, you will:

Stay grounded with the regular use of tapping, a self-care tool.
Get new insights about archetypal energies that affect us all.
See the hope in the chaos around you.

This is an email series of every other day emails with a daily contemplation and tapping idea.

Do you intuitively know that something powerful is changing in the world, but sometimes lose sight of the expansion that's happening? Do you sometimes feel like what you are seeing in the world doesn't make sense? Do you wonder what's the point of it all?

We are in the middle of a massive transformation and each of us plays a part. Working on ourselves, even when we might think others aren't, is our contribution to the expansion of the collective.

This is an email series. You will receive your introductory email within 24 hours and your first every-other-day email within 48 hours.

Understanding Yourself and Your Inner Authority

What if your problems were actually just your gifts misunderstood? We are all so different in our energies and often misunderstand where we are grounded and where we are influenced by others. Using the lens of Human Design, we work together over 21 days to open the door to a new understanding and appreciation of yourself.

Family Energetics

Deborah's book that presents tapping ideas for over thirty different family situations and entanglements plus an explanation of core concepts related to Family Energetics. Shipped either from Amazon or directly from Deborah. International purchases please inquire first about shipping charges.